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Legal mentions

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This site is owned and operated by Car Hunter sprl, Engelbamp 27, 3800 Sint-Truiden, Belgium.
The user formally acknowledges that the layout, the visual elements, the composition, the content, the services and all other data on this site are protected by the intellectual property rights. They are the exclusive property of Car Hunter.

About Car Hunter :

Car Hunter is an online platform designed for the publication of adds for car, motorcycle and accessories.
The input can be provided by any player in the automotive sector, individuals, car dealers, leasing companies, insurance companies, and so on.

The target group is mainly car dealers, who are offered a tool to save time and resources. But also the "inputs" of the platform.

The main advantage for professionals is that they no longer need to travel across the country to search for vehicles. Thanks to a system of geolocation, vehicles will automatically be introduced to them, so they can save time and resources and focus mainly on their core business. Car Hunter will also indicate the location of the desired vehicle

Not only the site offers possibilities for professionals. Individuals can also sell their vehicle anywhere across the world without worrying, regardless of its condition. Moreover, every professional interested in this type of vehicle will be notified immediately so they can take action and make an offer to an individual.

Finally, the main advantage for leasing companies lies in the fact that vehicles can be bought even before their contract expires. Also, these companies do not need to assure the good condition of vehicles whose contract has expired, as they can be sold to a dealer in their actual condition. The latter will be in charge of possible repairs.

Applying geolocation both on the seller and the vehicle, Car Hunter creates nearly “mobile garages”, allowing professionals to drive their entire fleet and meanwhile allowing other professionals to track them while they are on the move.

Finally, Car Hunter agrees to develop a strong customer relationship management to implement a strong and effective marketing automation strategy.

After all, providing the right information to the right customer, at the right time and through the right channel, is the main objective of Car Hunter.

Intellectual property of site data

The user formally acknowledges that the layout, the visual elements, the pictures, the content, the brands, the logos, the trade marks, the services and all other data (this list is not exhaustive or exclusive) on are protected by the intellectual property rights.

Les données précitées sont protégées par le droit belge et international relatif à la propriété intellectuelle et par la loi du 31 août 1998 concernant la protection juridique des bases de donnes.
They are the exclusive property of Car Hunter.
These data are protected by Belgian and international law for the protection of intellectual property and the law of August 31, 1998 on the legal protection of databases

Furthermore, Car Hunter reserves its right to modify, use and publish, at any time and without prior notice, all texts, pictures or other information provided by the user on the Car Hunter website.

All forms of transmission, reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, modification, transfer of all or part of this site and all use of the whole or part of this site (other than viewing or using the website) and its content for commercial use (through search bots or not) are prohibited without the prior, written authorization of Car Hunter. It is also prohibited to use this information for illicit purposes

Any violation will be prosecuted by law.


Car Hunter cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of any type of information on its website and therefore holds no liability.

Car Hunter cannot be held liable, in any way, for the information published on its site, and more in particular for anomalies or incorrect information related to the vehicles on sale or already sold vehicles.

Moreover, Car Hunter cannot be held liable for any problems related to the sale, the application of guarantees or the condition of the vehicles offered for sale on the site of Car Hunter.

Car Hunter is not responsible for any possible decision or action whatsoever by the user resulting from the information or data on users or third parties.

Car Hunter can neither be held liable for any damage or anomaly to the data or computer equipment of the user resulting from the use of its website, nor for the possible transfer of viruses via the website or for the malfunctioning of its website for technical reasons or others, incl. interferences and interruptions.

Suchlike previously mentioned problems give no rise to any refund, price reduction or other compensation.

Under no circumstances Car Hunter can be held responsible for indirect damage suffered by the user, such as commercial (loss of customers) and financial losses (loss of income, increase of general costs, loss of anticipated savings, etc.) or loss of use, disruption of the planning or organization, and claims by third parties, even if Car Hunter was informed of the possible existence of such damages.

The user formally acknowledges to agree with the abovementioned terms of liability, and to assume responsibility himself for the possible consequences of such damage, and thus discharge Car Hunter from any liability.

Car Hunter does not act as a seller, and therefore is not in charge of passing the ownership of vehicles from the seller to the buyer. Sales and purchase agreements will be concluded directly between the buyer and the seller in accordance with the stipulations of international treaties.

Therefore, Car Hunter does not offer any warranty on the goods/vehicles sold by means of its website


Car Hunter respects the law of December 8, 1992 on the protection of privacy and its implementation with regard to the processing of personal data.
The data collected in the database of Car Hunter can either be used for internal purposes of Car Hunter or be passed on to our partners.
The user can access this personal information at any time.
Moreover, these data can be viewed, corrected or deleted at any time.
Should the user wish to not have his data being transmitted to the partners of Car Hunter, he can oppose to it at any time.

Under no circumstances Car Hunter can be held liable for the possible unauthorized use of these data by any third party.


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Any notification between the parties will be made validly, either (a) by fax or by regular mail to Car Hunter, or to any other address or fax number provided by regular mail or by fax between the parties, or (b) by e-mail. Any notification will be official upon receiving mail, fax or e-mail, provided it is sent during the working hours; otherwise the notification will be official the following working day. The parties agree to set a read receipt in their e-mailbox (message “read” - function: tools / options / e-mail options / tracking options / request a read receipt for all messages sent), which will have the same probative value as a written document sent by regular mail.

Any nullity of one of these legal notices or other essential terms of the sales agreement of vehicles, will not lead to the invalidity of any other clause. Should the nullity affect the very nature of the sales agreement, both parties will attempt to negotiate immediately and in good faith on a new valid replacement clause.

Any order or sales agreement, to which applies the present general conditions, is exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with Belgian law. Any dispute, of any nature whatsoever, relating to an order or therefrom arising agreement, depending of the amount of the proceedings, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.