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Terms & Conditions


General terms

By using the services offered on the Car Hunter website, you agree to the terms of Car Hunter, the disclaimer and the following terms of use, including the conditions available by hyperlink, as well as the general conditions of the websites of our affiliated and associated partners.

Any use of the Car Hunter website is subject to the abovementioned conditions. The mere use of the website implies full and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions by the user.

Car Hunter reserves the right to modify and/or change these conditions at any time. Any modification of these terms will be published on the website and will automatically be effective upon publication.

User’s liability

The user must provide accurate and complete data at all times. The lack of data, the communication of incomplete or inaccurate information, false identities or data belonging to third parties not having given their permission, entitles Car Hunter to temporarily or permanently deny access to its website, in whole or in part.

All text, data, photos, videos, messages or any other type of content posted on the website by the user, remains under the full responsibility of the latter.

The user shall indemnify Car Hunter for any claims of third parties. Car Hunter is not obliged to verify the content posted on its website by users and therefore cannot be held responsible for it.

The user agrees not to publish content on the website concerning: racism, xenophobia, negationism and discrimination, political statements, violence or hatred towards a person or a group, slander and/or defamation, stalking, insults, abuse of names or pictures, abuse of confidence or sexual content.
The user will refrain from any violation of intellectual property or other, or spamming via the data obtained from the Car Hunter website.
Car Hunter has the right to refuse or remove, spontaneously or following a complaint from a third party, any content that does not represent the image of its website, which is contrary to the agreements and conditions, or that is illegal or disruptive, etc.
Car Hunter has the sole right to make such decision and it not obliged to justify its decision to the user.

In addition, Car Hunter has the right to block any user who does not respect the terms of use or other of the agreement, who is negligent in his payments or who is involved in illegal practices. Following the previous paragraph, Car Hunter is entitled to charge an additional cost to the user, with a minimum of € 100,00.

Elements of the platform

  • Adds for individuals

    A private person (individual) must create a user profile, which will be confirmed by a confirmation e-mail.
    Individuals only have the possibility to put vehicles up for sale, but cannot perform searches or purchase vehicles.

  • Adds for professionals

    In addition to the possibility for individuals, professionals will be able to pay their expenses through an online payment system (via SEPA or credit card) after they have made their choice on their subscription type
    Professionals can both buy and sell vehicles through the Car Hunter site and its applications.

  • Online auctions for professionals

    Besides the possibility to post and search ads both from individuals and professionals, the Car Hunter website provides online auctions as a form of cooperation between traders, implying an online auction organized by a professional for maximum 15 minutes. After that, the highest bidder will acquire the concerned vehicle.

    L’utilisateur droit créer un compte pour pouvoir bénéficier des services de Car Hunter. Il est tenu de créer un profil d’utilisateur qui sera confirmé par un courriel de confirmation.

Conclusion of a contract between Car Hunter and the user

The user must register to benefit from the services of Car Hunter. He must create a user profile, which will be confirmed via a confirmation e-mail.
Such profile can only be created by a legal person through a legal representative who can conclude an agreement on its behalf, and by a natural person with full legal capacity.
A legal entity with a user profile formally acknowledges that the profile has been created by its legal representative, and agrees with the fact that Car Hunter reserves the right to appeal to sham mandate if necessary.
Only one profile per user is allowed. In case of plural establishments, each establishment will be registered as a separate user.
A Car Hunter profile is strictly personal and cannot be transferred to another user.

The user will immediately inform Car Hunter of any change to his data.
Creating a user profile is considered an offer which Car Hunter can accept freely.
Each user will be granted a personal password which cannot be made public or transferred to third parties. In case of violation, the user will be personally held responsible for compensating Car Hunter or any third party for the suffered damages.
The agreement is established by the formal and written acceptance of the order of the user by Car Hunter.



For individuals, the application is 100% for free.


Base rate: The basic subscription for the use of the website is (VAT excl.):

  • € 99,00 per month for 1 country;
  • € 149,00 per month for 2 to 3 countries;
  • € 199,00 per month for countries all over the world.

This price includes unlimited publication of the entire fleet of the professional on the Car Hunter system.


These rates are only indicative and Car Hunter may adjust these rates at any time after notification to its subscribers.
Price adjustments will be communicated to the user at least one month in advance. After this notification, the user will have the right to terminate his agreement before the date of entry into force of the new rates. In case Car Hunter will not have received a termination of the agreement by the date of entry into force of the new rates, the user will be considered to have agreed to this price adjustment.


Unless otherwise stated, invoices will be sent by Car Hunter on a monthly basis.

The invoice amount is payable immediately upon receipt of invoice. In case of non-payment within 14 days, the user will be in default. In this case, the user shall be liable by law and without notice of default to pay an annual interest of 15% from the due date until the next due date.

In addition, a contractual indemnity amounting to 15% will be due for damages, with a minimum of € 500,00 (five hundred euros), and in a privileged way. Every month started will count as a full month. Should the suffered damage by Car Hunter be higher, the user will be liable to compensate the actual damage.

Car Hunter reserves the right to suspend its obligations to the user in case of partial or late payment by the latter.

In case of non-payment by the user after more than 14 days, Car Hunter reserves the right to inform the user of its wish to legally terminate the agreement without prior notice, any expenses charged at the latter.


This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated by mutual consent or by either party, always respecting a notice period of one month after the current month.

Car Hunter reserves the right to terminate the agreement without notice period for the following reasons:

  • any fault or serious failure on the part of the user;
  • non-payment of the invoice within 14 days;
  • violation by the user of the terms of use or other conditions defined by Car Hunter;
  • insolvency, bankruptcy or request for WCO (Law on the Continuity of Enterprises) by the user;
  • violation of public order or morality by the user.


Any notification between the parties will be made validly, either (a) by mail, by fax or by ordinary mail to Car Hunter, or to any other address or fax number provided by regular mail or by fax between the parties, or (b) by e-mail. Any notification will be official upon receiving mail, fax or e-mail, provided it is sent during the working hours; otherwise the notification will be official the following working day. The parties agree to set a read receipt in their e-mailbox (message “read” - function: tools / options / e-mail options / tracking options / request a read receipt for all messages sent), which will have the same probative value as a written document sent by regular mail.

Any nullity of one of these legal notices or other essential terms of the sales agreement of vehicles, will not lead to the invalidity of any other clause. Should the nullity affects the very nature of the sales agreement, both parties will attempt to negotiate immediately and in good faith on a new valid replacement clause.

Any order or sales agreement, to which applies the present general conditions, is exclusively subject to Belgian law. Only the courts of Brussels shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle all proceedings, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from an order or therefrom arising agreement, and this depending to the amount of the proceedings.